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Hand Probes

Hand Probes

Temperature Controls manufacture a stock range of probes to suit the hand held thermometers and will manufacture custom assemblies to suit your application for Food, Air, Liquids, Surface. Compost and immersion temperature measurement.

All hand held probes fixed with 2 mtr Kurly Cord and moulded mini plug.

Immersion probes 1.5mm,3.0mm & 6.0mm

Stab Probes
Frozen Food, Meat Temperature Measurement

Surface Probes
Max 8000

  • Low cost
  • Fast Response tip

Surface Probes
Right angle design

RTD Hand Probes
Class A or 1/10 DIN Tolerance

Tee bar to suit meat and frozen foods.
Armoured leads

Hand Probe Drawings

Model Calibration Diameter Length
TC18K025060 K 6.0 250
TC15K015030 Calibration Diameter Length
TC15K015030 K 3.0 150
TC15K030030 K 3.0 300