ASME PTC 19.3 TW‐ 2010 Process Data required for a calculation

Before we can prepare your calculation we need you to complete the table below.

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Standard Answer
Flange size / process fitting
Specify - Straight, Tapered or Stepped
Bore 6.5mm
Process medium - gas or liquid
Velocity m/s
Viscosity - Default 0.0171 Centipoise
Maximum design temperature
Maximum design pressure
Shielded length (Lo)
(includes standoff and pipe thickness)
(flanged thermowells only)
Pipe size / schedule
Overall length (L)
Unsupported length (U)
Lag Extensions 0mm
Root diameter (Q) (A)
Tip diameter (B)
Tip thickness 6mm
Fillet (Root) R3 Option R5
Partial penetration weld Standard
Full penetration weld Recommended

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